Currently: We are inviting and informing as many people as we can about the start of the Alumni Committee, as well as developing our intentions for it. So spread the word to anyone and everyone for the school. It's going to be a learning process but we all want this to succeed! Anyone who is honestly interested and has time or energy send them our way!


We are also working on meeting venue options so that then we can schedule sit down meetings, and work on all of our goals, intentions, and reunion plans.

Current Comettiee Members

  • ​Austin Speth 

  • Camille Condie

  • Carolyn Taylor

  • Chalisa Young

  • ​Cory Costigan

  • Emma Wecker 

  • Melanie Parker

  • ​Mistie Anderson

  • ​Nicholas Ernst

  • Nick Duff

  • Pete Lanzarotta

  • ​Shaylee Eggen